Digital Marketing Results Through Google Ads, SEM  & SEO At Honest Prices.

FlowMedia uses very unique Digital Marketing techniques in creating SEO strategies, we can find high traffic keywords that no one else is using to help get the edge on your competition. We will also show you which keywords your competitors SEO is strong in, and provide the solution to pass them.

Digital Marketing Results through Google Ads, SEM & SEO

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    Search Engine Optimization
    Simply put, “SEO” is about finding ways to increase your site’s appearance through search engines and help you rank better. This generally means more traffic to your site.
    Competitor Search Strategy
    Our experts can dig through your competitor’s web strategy and find out who the industry leader is, where you stand against them and how to beat them if you are not already number one.
    Link Building & Backlinking
    Backlinking is where different websites all share links connecting them to help increase SEO. Some backlinks are harmful and make our sites weaker we can check which links are good or bad.
    Paid Search Management
    Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing is the art of driving more and better-qualified traffic to your website from search engines by a method of bidding or paying per click (PPC)
    Website Design
    FlowMedia has many amazing web design templates that make it fast and affordable to have a beautiful functioning website that you own.
    Website Health Check
    Our website audits travel deep into the voids of your site looking for factors far beyond the normal audit and providing the solution at the same time. If our Audits find zero issues then the audit is free.

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    Google Ads (Adwords)

    While most companies focus on clicks and impressions, We have a core focus on conversions and results.  Our goal is to provide a Return on your investment with the running any Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns.

    With multiple references to our success, we are more than confident to back our SEM skill, quality and pricing against any current campaign you are running.

    Top ranking keywords
    SEO Website Speed Optimization
    Perfect SEO and SEM create the perfect reach
    100% Transparency with your keywords and results
    Marketing steps success

    Why Choose FlowMedia?

    We know that there is a lot of competition out there, and it can be hard to pick an advertising agency. So we put together some more solid reasons why you should choose us.


    We Save You Money & Time

    We treat all our client’s businesses as our own, so we always try to find the best results from the most comfortable budget. Sometimes less is more! Even when it comes to Google Ads.


    Reports and Visability

    We pride our selves in our transparent reports and face to face communication, many companies feel like SEO is all smoke and mirrors. We will actually show you exactly why the website is struggling and offer a solution on how to fix it.

    Perfect for First Timers

    We know what it’s like trying SEM marketing for the first time, there are a lot of mistakes made and money wasted on Google Ads (Adwords). We can help you find the right science to Online Marketing, save yourself the hassle and let us share what we have learnt.


    Client Retention

    Digital Marketing Google Ads


    Sites Audited

    Digital Marketing Google Ads


    Years Of Experinece

    Digital Marketing Google Ads


    Backlinks Tested

    Digital Marketing Google Ads

    Let’s come together to open up new avenues


    Flow Media is a firm comprises of highly passionate people, who specialise in online marketing in Auckland. We are a renowned advertising agency in New Zealand that stands for serving you the best out of its knowledge and skills. We work with result-oriented strategies to make sure you generate more leads and engage your busy customers directly to your website. Promoting your brand is not at all a tiresome job anymore. We implement the best practices that work well for you and bring you more leads to stay ahead in the market.


    Increase Traffic on Your Website with Us


    We optimise your website and customise approaches to help your brand with internet marketing in New Zealand. We always strive to generate traffic on your website and enhance its performance in the competitive environment. If you are a brand or business, struggling to gain attention from its target customers, then Flow Media is your partner, who can actually help. We are a digital marketing agency in New Zealand that you can trust.

    We believe every brand or business is unique and that is why no one-size-fits-all approach is going to help. We tailor the solutions and strategies that incorporate with new-age digital marketing in Auckland and benefit your brand. We focus on result-driven strategies and ensure you get quick help with digital marketing in New Zealand. Your individual goals are important to us and this is why we take pride in serving you the best out of our knowledge.

    What Do Our Customers Think?

    Don’t take our word for how awesome we are! See what our clients think about our Digital Marketing Skill.

    Graham Lockett - FlowMedia


    Flow Media is a friendly customer first, New Zealand owned operated and no-nonsense Digital Marketing company.

    The focus of our service is to provide other business owners insights into their current industry. Most companies find all the talk about SEO, Google Ads and advertising overwhelming.

    Our goal is to simplify it all, make it easy to understand and guide companies to help provide the foundation and knowledge for growing their business.

    FlowMedia are specialists in delivering powerful comparison reports about companies competitors. We can provide website audits to show you what areas need to be worked on in your site to help increase your exposure and Generate a Better Adwords Campaign.

    Our Backlinking Services are both highly effective, and affordable.  We have documented proven results and are more than happy to supply the reports.


    Below you will find our Services

    Starter Plan
    • Website Health Check
    • Analytical SEO Report
    • Penalty Back Link Testing
    • Unique Keyword Research
    • Competitor Insights
    • Site Optimized and Repaired
    • Optimized Keyword Ad-word Campaign
    • High Exposure Branding
    • Promotional Video
    Visionary Plan
    • Website Health Check
    • Analytical SEO Report
    • Back Link Testing
    • Unique Keyword Research
    • Competitor Insights
    • Site Optimized and Repaired
    • Optimized Keyword Ad-word Campaign
    • High Exposure Branding
    • Promotional Video
    • Website Health Check
    • Analytical SEO Report
    • Back Link Testing
    • Unique Keyword Research
    • Competitor Insights
    • Site Optimized and Repaired
    • Optimized Keyword Ad-word Campaign
    • High Exposure Marketing
    • Promotional Video