We pride ourselves in providing honest digital strategies and solutions that assist in all areas of Digital marketing.


FlowMedia offers such a wide range of services in the Digital Marketing area, if there is anything you would like to know more about then please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below or our contact number 0274421031 we are more than happy to answer any questions.

Website AuditWebsite Health Checks

Our website audits travel deep into the voids of your site looking for factors far beyond the normal audit and providing the solution at the same time. If our Audits find zero issues then the audit is free.

Competitor AnalysisInternet Spying (Like James Bond)

Our experts are able to dig through your competitors web strategy and find out who the industry leader is, where you stand against them and how to beat them if you are not already number one.

SEM / ADWORDSSearch Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the art of driving more and better qualified traffic to your website from search engines by a method of bidding or paying per click (ppc)

BacklinkingWebsite Links between other sites

Back linking is where different websites all share links with one another connecting them to each other to help increase SEO. Some back links are harmful and make our sites weaker we can check which links are good or bad.

SEO MARKETINGSearch Engine Optimization

Simply put, “SEO” is about finding ways to increase your site’s appearance through search engines and help you rank better. This generally means more traffic to your site.

DesignBuilding your brand

FlowMedia has many amazing designers, we are able to handle any branding needs whether you are looking for business cards, logos, t shirts, company signs and sign writing or even your own Website.


Flow Media is a friendly customer first, New Zealand owned operated and no nonsense Digital Marketing company.

The focus of our service is to provide other business owners insights into their current industry. Most companies find all the talk about SEO google and advertising overwhelming, our goal is to simplify it all, make it easy to understand and guide companies to help provide the foundation and knowledge for growing their business. Flow Media are specialists in delivering powerful comparison reports about a companies competitors. We are able to provide website audits to show you what areas need to be worked on in your site to help increase your exposure.

Our Values

Each of our five fingers are fragile and weak individuals with but a small fraction of their potential strength. When we close those fingers and work together in unison we form a fist, a form that's far more powerful than their previous and the ability to smash through the hardest problems. I believe success in business is working together with an understanding of my clients goals to smash through all expectations.
Graham Lockett
Graham Lockett


Welcome to our blog where you can find lots of tricks, tips and just general helpful information about the digital world.

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