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Secrets of the 200 Ranking Factors

Recently I was speaking to a very good client of mine, she said to me she was unsure about all the google panda stuff. I asked what part confused her? She told me that all these experts are telling her there are 200 factors to a good SEO ranking, and she needs to hit all […]

Website Audit

Why do I need to have my site audited? Even the strongest walls and foundations can age and crack, websites are no different and require attention. Having your website audited allows you to see both what your are doing right and what areas of your website need attention. Flow can also assist you if you […]

Link Building

How is link building going to help me? Back links and link building is a big part of SEO and getting to the front page of google. They can both harm and increase your websites quality score through Google.  Most businesses have no idea about the quality of their back  links and how they are […]

SEO Back links and Ninja’s

What is all this talk of back links I’m confused? Our team of SEO Ninja’s will dig deep through your competitors site to uncover their link strategies and discover if there are any potential opportunities. One common problem I see is that most businesses do not know their own competitor and their strengths. Recently I […]

How do you rate against your competitors?

The never ending struggle for dominance. Knowing what your competition is up to and how you rate against them is an essential step to any business. I was recently speaking to an office furniture rental company and when we got to this topic he said to me “The industry is small, it’s just the two […]

Watch Wolves of FlowMedia

Are you being ripped off? A lot of companies are spending much time and money on SEO and are unsure on what they are actually getting with their spend. What if there was a way we could measure you against what your competitor is doing and replicate their methods to bring you the same success? Just […]


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