SEO Back links and Ninja’s

SEO Back links and Ninja’s

What is all this talk of back links I’m confused?

Our team of SEO Ninja’s will dig deep through your competitors site to uncover their link strategies and discover if there are any potential opportunities. One common problem I see is that most businesses do not know their own competitor and their strengths. Recently I assisted a rental car company in Auckland and the results I showed to them were astonishing. We could see which of their competitors are strong in which cities and services, we could see which ones rank better for caravans hires in Christchurch or 4WD rentals in south Auckland. Using this information we were able to decide the best spots to target where they could be the strongest with the best potential because we had already learnt where each competitors was dominant.

In competitive industries like this; this type of information is absolutely invaluable.

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