Secrets of the 200 Ranking Factors

Secrets of the 200 Ranking Factors

Recently I was speaking to a very good client of mine, she said to me she was unsure about all the google panda stuff. I asked what part confused her? She told me that all these experts are telling her there are 200 factors to a good SEO ranking, and she needs to hit all of them so she came to me to get it done.

After hearing this, I realised it’s not the first time I’ve come across business owners saying the same thing. The problem is that the industry has been filled with so many “SEO experts”, and that leads to all the information being passed around to be so contradicting that no one trusts anyone.

Seriously, when was the last time you trusted 100% a marketing guy?

Well as mythical as it seems I want to create that trust with you and your business. And to kick it off I’m going to let you in on something most SEO guys won’t tell you because then they can’t charge you for half a hand and your leg.

Yes there are over 200 ranking factors, and they all do have an impact on your SEO. But it’s possible to get to that ever elusive page one of Google by only applying 15 of the 200 factors. Obviously this depends on each industry individually, but from what I’ve seen in most industries is that you only need to fix 15 of the factors and you can shine your little star bright on page one of Google.

Why is 15 enough when there is over 200?

Good question, simply put that I have found the top 15 factors that carry the most weight. I have found the factors that when together equal 90% of the weight used in determining the rank. The other 190+ factors combined only form a rough 10% of the total score in the end.

This is where sneaky marketing companies will only fix the little factors first and charge you saying that “there was a small improvement, we need to keep going to increase the rank” they will do all the little ones first to get the most money from you.

My advice for you, is that you shouldn’t be intimidated by these marketing people. Don’t be afraid to challenge their technical jargon.

Next time you are speaking to one and he’s offering his SEO work. Don’t be afraid to ask him.

“How many of the 200+ ranking factors of Google should I change to get some great results?”

You can filter out from there which companies are on the level or not.

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